Football industry in China

Starting from the formation of the younger, even in schools, to create the famous « football mentality. » China cultivates the development of the sector with the opening of a new football academy, annual plans and promotion among the students.

In this 2017, China plans to get to 20 thousand football program graduate schools, academies for the training of young talents. The project is to grow the sector in the country, developing in the younger activity as it remains, according to experts, the first starting point to be true leading countries in this field. The office of the National Youth Campus Football reported that China had until December last year a total of 13,381 graduate schools, with some pilot projects in 69 counties schools, and that the intention this year is to reach 20 thousand academies, well 50 thousand in 2025.

Wang Denfeng, vice president of the China Football Association and head of the MOE (Ministry of Education) to the sport, explained that an important addition to the opening of new football academy is training with regard to schools. They are being set up, he said, more than 360 programs for primary schools and secondary. The goal is to place the football between the activities of small, even within the school system. Create short, the so famous « football mentality. » To achieve China has long since started cultural exchanges with our country, considered one of the world leaders in the field, on their own within the youth schools setting up partnerships with various Italian cities including Macerata and famous clubs like Juve, prepared according to sources recent to open 20 new schools in China.

China is poised to achieve its three objectives: to qualify for the World Cup, hosting the World Cup and win the World Cup.

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